Cinematographic Look and Multicamera Production

Practical use of Sony FX9 in different environments

February 6th, 11h00/12h30 & 16h00/17h30

Digital Azul in partnership with Sony Portugal, and Blue Online – authorized Sony dealer – invites you to watch a hands-on presentation of the features of the new Sony camera – FX9 – through several practical examples at our studios, in two sessions – morning or afternoon.

FEBRUARY 6TH, 11h00/12h30 e 16h00/17h30

Rua Vieira Lusitano, 10A, Campolide, Lisboa

(limited seats)

The new technical capabilities of Sony FX9, which allow access to a new creative level, will be presented in a context of digital cinematography, covering advertising, documentary and multi-camera. This event will be led by João Tocha and Juanjo Ordorika and Pedro Santana, directors of photography at Digital Azul and is aimed at directors, cinematographers and image professionals. Various lighting configurations will be presented, in a scenario with models, in order to test the new valences of this camera. Colorist Nuno Garcia will be present in the Digital Azul Grading Room – to be able to explore the maximum image and color capacity of Sony FX9.


Get beautiful 4K images thanks to the creative freedom offered by super-sampling the high-resolution full-frame sensor. Capture even the smallest details of the scene with shallow depth of field and an extraordinary blur effect with a true cinematic finish.

«(…) its full frame sensor gives us a different view of the world – the world seems bigger and more alive with a greater depth field, which gives us a more three-dimensional sensation and, consequently, a more real sensation. Seeing the world with all its colors, skin and faces coming to life was what really touched me and is something I really like about this camera (…) »Olan Collardy, DOP.


The 15 dynamic range Stops and the dual ISO base allow you to capture all the nuances, from subtle shadow details to mirrored lights, in a complete color palette.

«(…) Another thing that impressed me, was the way this camera translates color in general. We had a lot of sets to shoot in low light conditions and yet the color and skin tones were very good. They were not “pasty”, as is the case with some cameras, when we shoot very close to the skin in low light conditions. I am very happy with this feature of FX9 (…) »Olan Collardy, DOP.


Track your fast-moving subject with excellent focus without any problem, even when using the wide-angle lens aperture settings to maintain a low depth of field with the full frame sensor. Fast hybrid autofocus combines autofocus with phase detection for fast and accurate tracking of the subject with contrast autofocus for exceptional focus accuracy.

«(…) I think that auto focus on cameras is something that all Directors of Photography suspect, or simply think will never be as perfect as humanly achieved. But after what I saw today, I think this auto focus is really organic and very similar to the human experience. A very good aspect of auto focus is the fact that we can introduce our own parameters, in order to define the response time of the focus, to appear as organic as possible, instead of looking mechanical (…) »Olan Collardy, DOP.

This presentation will have the participation of  Sincolour – Caracterização e Maquilhagem – which will address some topics on makeup for high definition and 4K and with the participation of DXL Models – Models Agency – that will provide the models/extras that will be filmed during this event.

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(limited seats)