What can we do for you?


We are a global production, service and fixing house and your main point of contact for productions in Portugal.


We have solutions for the most diverse types of multi-camera production: HD and 4K cameras and mixers, recorders, intercom, wiring for placing cameras at great distances.


We broadcast a live video of an event to any part of the world, privately, or publicly, through a high-performance internet connection, typical of a television program, in order to reach all the intended audience.

High Speed Cameras

We provide a trouble-free high speed experience to our clients, with our full service for the Phantom cameras, whether you choose 2K, or 4K.

Studios Rental

We have two audio studios and an image studio fully equipped to meet the needs of your project.

Equipment Rental

Rent professional cameras, lenses, production equipment and studios. Browse our large and ever growing selection of video and audio gear to get started.


We offer specialised post-production services such as visual effects, 3D animation, CGI composition, motion graphics, color grading, complete editing, sound design, sound effects, ADR, foley and DCP (Digital Cinema Package).


With our DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) we work in collaboration with the cinematographer in the systematization of processes in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible from the beginning to end of work .

Special Projects

We provide a consulting and development service that researches, combines and implements solutions that cross different areas such as audio, video, robotics and information technology.


We do the dubbing of your movie, or your series, with all the comfort in our fully equipped audio studios and our sound engineers.

Voice Over

We work with a large group of actors and professional voice talents, who meet all the characteristics that you want, through the consultation of our voice bank that presents several categories to obtain samples of voices.


We do the subtitling of your movie, series or documentary.

Audio Repair Lab

Through our team of qualified Sound Engineers and specialized Equipment and Software we can recover all the vibrant sound of your damaged audio.


We broadcast your lecture, lesson, or talk to your selected audience on the platform you want, with interaction, allowing questions and answers, with or without moderator.

Photographic Production

Whether you need a model , or a product photo session, outdoor or indoor, you can relyon our service that counts with professional photographers, studios and post-production.