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As a full-service production company you can rely on Digital Azul to bring your vision into frame. 

Fiercely focused on delivering quality, trust and client satisfaction since 2004, we offer the full gamut of production for film, television, corporate videos, commercials, music videos and photography.


We take the time to understand your brand’s intention and goal to ensure that the final product is memorable.

 Already have an idea in mind or need a full treatment? We’ll be glad to script, 3D storyboard and develop a compelling concept with superior creative direction.

In-house staff and top freelancers

In-house Film Studio

In-house Sound Studio


We’re fully equipped to handle all aspects from a small production crew to a full-fledged large scale production.


Excellent planning skills are at the forefront of everything we do. Permits, incentives, scheduling and managing the most time and cost effective ways to shoot are second nature to us.


We’re ready to capture the moment. We provide everything from the directors and crew to the equipment and facilities.


This is where the magic happens! No task is too big for our editing geniuses, from animation to VFX we bring imagination to life.

Location scouting

Portugal is notorious for being on Mother Nature’s good side. With white sandy beaches, lush green forests, around 300 days of annual sunshine and 1,793 km of rocky coastline you’re sure to find the ideal setting/backdrop to bring your project to life.


Our experienced casting directors can guarantee you the perfect model, actor or even that new face that is crucial for your brand. That’s the beauty of Portugal’s multicultural population. Casting sessions are held in-house making the process quick and painless.  We provide live casting sessions for remote viewing.


Need a historical setting? That’s great news! We know just who to call. Our specialized consultants of make-up artists, set designers, food stylists, and prop masters are ready to make your visual aesthetics and continuity dreams come true.


The various backgrounds of our friendly and professional crew, compliment each other perfectly thus creating a sum greater than its parts. Not to mention they have years of field experience, pay close attention to detail and are notably resourceful.


Providing the most modern equipment and latest technologies available for a truly reliable experience. We not only have the advantage of being a rental house but we also work closely with local suppliers and have partnerships both locally and internationally.


Our Digital Imaging Technicians bring to your set the most advanced technology on data management and color grading tools. As soon as you contact us, we’ll take care of all the details concerning the workflow design, the quality control and the proper handling of the footage before delivering it to post-production.


We offer a full range of post-production services such as VFX, 3D animation, CGI composition, motion graphics, color grading, complete editing, sound design, sound FX, ADR and foley.
Also, our custom- built sound studios are specially designed to optimize versatility, flexibility, scalability, and sound isolation to meet the needs of any production.

perfect conditions for a successful experience

Portugal’s diverse landscape lends itself to have a stand-in role for many other countries. From its dramatic cliff faced beaches to 14th century gardens through the ancient and modern architecture of bigger cities, you’ll be surprised by the endless facets it offers. All within a 30 minute drive from Lisbon.

It also delivers a set of characteristics you won’t find anywhere else. As the westernmost country in all of Europe the exceptional light that engulfs it, is second to none/unrivalled/unmatched. This also means that the mild and sunny climate is always ready for a close-up.
Portugal’s good-natured hospitality makes for a pleasant and unique culture experience and guarantees no one leaves here indifferent.
This is why we truly understand the importance of being your home away from home. We’re here to make the as seamless as possible. It’s what keeps our clients coming back.





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