Luzes, Câmara e... Então?

(Lights, Camera and... So?)

A podcast dedicated to Cinematography in Portugal

In this fifth episode of “Luzes, Câmara e… Então?“, we explore the multifaceted career of Andreia Saraiva Santos, a director of photography and professor of Cinematography, whose film journey begins when she enters the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in 2002 and completes her course at the Prague Film School, continuing on a path that includes several feature films, television series, contributions to advertising campaigns and short films awarded at renowned festivals such as Berlinale and IndieLisboa — the name Andreia Santos is synonymous with versatility and mastery.

The Multiple Facets of Andreia Saraiva Santos aip

Throughout this interview, Andreia shares her vast experience with us. In his latest feature film — 2 Duros de Roer — we talk about the intensity of colors and the singularities of lighting applied to the choice of camera and lenses, revisiting techniques from the 70s and discussing the contrast between techniques from that time and current innovations.

In the documentary “Atrás dessas Paredes“, directed by Manuel Mozosalamos, we talk about the intriguing method she used to bring to life memories of abandoned places. The conversation continued, also covering the topic of tobacco use, reflected in a cinematographic awareness project “Opte for Amar Mais“, culminating in the anticipation of a still secret project.

In addition to a prolific career in cinema and advertising, Andreia is also dedicated to teaching, teaching subjects such as Cinematography and Photography at renowned institutions, such as the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP). Her mastery was recognized in 2017, when she was invited to be a member of Associação de Imagem Portuguesa, AIP.

Screenshots of Andreia Santos‘ work as Director of Photography in the feature film “2 Duros de Roer“:

Join us on a journey through the deepest layers of the art of cinematography in Portugal and discover the passion and dedication of Andreia Saraiva Santos in this constantly evolving universe..

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