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Whether you’re looking for a film production company, or you’d like a multi-camera production of a show or conference, broadcasted live with cinematography quality, or would like to make a voice recording, or dubbing, or simply rent video and audio equipment, or our image and sound studios, you are in the right place. At Digital Azul we have a fixed team with years of experience and a great network of professionals with whom we work, that lead us to make of each project a finnished work of success.

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Production Services

We are a global production, service and fixing house and your main point of contact for productions in Portugal.

State of the art Studio

Our image studio is 70 m2 and is perfectly isolated in terms of sound. It has a green screen and it’s located in the center of Lisbon.

Audio Facilities

We have 2 sound studios fully equipped for your audio production, be it dubbing, voiceover, or song.

High Speed Camera Showreel

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Digital Azul LIVE

At Digital Azul we have developed a platform for Live Streaming and Webinar to suit your needs. See all the services we have to communicate remotely and effectively.

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Sony FX9 Shooting Tests in Lisbon

Our cinematographers – Juanjo Ordorika and Pedro Santana – tested several configurations of the Sony FX9 camera, in different environments and lighting conditions. Watch this movie to see the results of these tests.

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Masterclass Sony FX9

We invite you to watch a presentation of the new Sony camera – FX9 – with our DOP’s Pedro Santana and Juanjo Ordorika, February 6th, 11h00/12h30 & 16h00/17h30. This Masterclass is organized by Sony Portugal, Blue Online and Digital Azul.

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Sony FX9

Whether you’re shooting documentaries, events, reality TV, education, or corporate productions, the PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System from Sony has you covered with its powerful and flexible 4K interchangeable lens camera system.

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