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Whether you’re looking for a film production company, or you’d like a multi-camera production of a show or conference, broadcasted live with cinematography quality, or would like to make a voice recording, or dubbing, or simply rent video and audio equipment, or our image and sound studios, you are in the right place. At Digital Azul we have a fixed team with years of experience and a great network of professionals with whom we work, that lead us to make of each project a finnished work of success.

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Production Services

We are a global production, service and fixing house and your main point of contact for productions in Portugal.

State of the art Studio

Our image studio is 70 m2 and is perfectly isolated in terms of sound. It has a green screen and it’s located in the center of Lisbon.

Audio Facilities

We have 2 sound studios fully equipped for your audio production, be it dubbing, voiceover, or song.

High Speed Camera Showreel

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Nucleus-M: Wireless Lens Control System

The Nucleus-M is a revolutionary and highly customizable 3-channel wireless lens control system. It allows you to have full control of focus, iris, and zoom on either the FIZ hand unit or between the two wireless hand grips. The wireless range of both the hand unit and hand grips is 1,000 feet. Try it at our rental service.

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