Luzes, Câmara e... Então?

(Lights, Camera and... So?)

A podcast dedicated to Cinematography in Portugal

In the fourth episode of “Luzes, Câmara e… Então?“, we delve into the challenges and innovations of cinematography with André Szankowski. From the passion and aesthetics inherited from his father, an architect and photographer, to his work in renowned NETFLIX productions, such as “Glória” and “Turn of the Tide” (“Rabo de Peixe“), André provides us with a deep insight into his methods and creative process.

The Universe of André Szankowski aip afc

In this episode we talk about the influence of cinema on your work, the challenges of working with different directors and the importance of careful pre-production. We also talk about his collaboration with filmmakers to reach a final decision, illustrating the complex balance between a director’s vision and translating that vision into reality.

We explore the technical details behind the creation of “Glória” and “Turn of the Tide” (“Rabo de Peixe“), from the initial studies and tests, the choice of cameras and lenses, to the final grading adjustments. André takes us behind the scenes, detailing the choices he made to bring these projects to life and the results achieved.

Screenshots of André Szankowski‘s work as Director of Photography in the series “Turn of the Tide” (“Rabo de Peixe“) for the streaming platform Netflix:

Join us in this fascinating discussion with André Szankowski and discover the nuances of cinematography from the point of view of an experienced professional.

Watch it here:

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Andreia Santos aip

The guest Director of Photography for the next episode of “Luzes, Câmara e… Então?” is Andreia Santos aip.

Andreia Santos talks about her path and the works she developed in successful feature films, such as “2 Duros de Roer“, as well as in the documentary “Atrás Dessas Paredes” and we also analyse the advertising campaign “Opte Por Amar Mais” developed for the National Health Service.