The most powerful

Superpanel ever.

69,000 Lux at 1 m.

Mains and battery operation.

The Superpanel Dual Color 60 can easily be powered with Lupo or equivalent lithium batteries (DC supply from 14.8 V to 24 V). This feature makes it one of a kind and allows you to have a super powerful LED panel (it can replace HMI lights) with Dual Color technology that is truly transportable and quickly usable anywhere you want. To power the Superpanel Dual Color 60 you need two common 160 Wh (or higher), 14.8 V batteries.

Innovative materials

and new technologies

at the service of versatility

This Superpanel was developed considering – first and foremost – robustness and quality in every detail, and the speed and ease of use and transportation, including its accessories. The material of the Superpanel is made of bodies of reinforced technopolymer which are considerably durable, while dramatically reducing the final weight of the panel and capable of resist to extreme temperatures. These features meet the wishes of filmmakers, photographers, video operators and TV studios.

Exceptional quality of light.

Thanks to the exclusive True Colour Technology, the Superpanels have a perfect colour performance and do not produce casts. This fundamental and exclusive feature enables to avoid post-production corrections and allows a correct mix with other light sources (such as, for example, sunlight). The outstanding CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of the Superpanels guarantee an exceptional colour performance for your shoots and for the production of high quality video, film and TV content.

Complete range of accessories

for every need.

We have a large set of accessories that can be used with the Superpanel, from batteries, barn doors, soft boxes and snap grids.

Silent. Perfect for video shooting.

This Superpanel was designed to make life easier for professionals working in the television, film and video industry, and silent operation is one of its key features and virtues.

Visit us and test the Superpanel Dual Color 60!

You will be more than satisfied with it.