Available for rent at Digital Azul

The new Freefly EMBER is available for rent at Digital Azul Rental. This camera is capable of capturing 5K at 600fps and 4K at 800fps, in ProRes, to an internal 4TB SSD.

The super slow motion passages can transform into epic seconds, showing us a time hidden from the naked eye, organic, smooth and inspiring, transporting us to a world within time. This hidden time, longer than our time, is only achieved with the use of high-speed cameras.

Watch the Ember 5K reel here

Freefly Systems designed EMBER to be the most efficient high-speed camera ever. The goal was to make it small, light and simple to use. What makes EMBER unique is that it can record continuous high-speed footage, with no clip limit, directly to an internal 4TB SSD. This means you can use the EMBER like any other regular camera — just hit the record button to start capturing footage like any other camera.

Main features

5K – 600fps | 4K – 800fps
● Maximum resolution: 5120 x 4096 pixels (5:4)
● Mount: PL Mount and E Mount (does not allow electronic lenses)
● S35 sensor: 23.04 x 18.43mm
● Native OS: 300
● Global Shutter
● Dynamic range: +11 Stops
● 4Tb Internal SSD
● Recording: Apple ProRes


We have available the Motion Control THOR robotic filming system that allows fast and smooth movements with precision and repeatability. THOR is capable of making very fast movements, which can be essential for following actions that occur very quickly, and that the high-speed camera EMBER is capable of capturing speed. When combined, it allows you to create high quality images that would be impossible to achieve manually. This allows you to create unique videos with a huge visual impact.