Phantom + Studio + Lighting

Specialized High Speed Shooting for Packshots and Tabletops

We know the importance of creating stunning imagery for a production. Filming with high-speed cameras allows us to access a hidden time in our time, see the subtler details and unlock visual moments with the hidden beauty of the elements.

To create these images, Digital Azul has developed an affordable studio setup, with all the necessary equipment and gear, to shoot at high speed with our Phantom Flex cameras.


70m2 studio in the center of Lisbon

Phantom Flex 2K camera with operator

3x Lens Xeen (14; 24; 35; 50; 85; 135mm) + 1x Lens 100mm Macro

2 Arri Skypanel S-60C + 1 Arri L7C Led Fresnel

Studio kitchen

Motion-controlled turntable

Studio Features:


– 70m2 with LED lighting for high speed shooting;

– Client area, make-up and dressing room;

– Equipped support kitchen;

– Electric and gas scene stoves;

– Studio prepared to work with liquids;

– Motion-controlled turntable supporting payloads up to 100kg;

This studio setup was developed for the production of Packshots and Tabletops. We can easily adapt it to other projects.

We can provide Directors, DOPs, SFX specialists and other professionals, full experienced in Tabletop, High Speed ​​and Advertising.

Digital Azul High speed Showreel

We want to work with you to create striking images