Since 2004 we are in the audiovisual market, providing quality services for cinema, TV, advertising, music videos, corporate, photography and web. We are a global production, service and fixing house and your main point of contact for productions in Portugal.

From Live brodcasting on-line transmissions, going through super high-speed footage, to specialized advertising, the production of fiction and documentaries and photo shoots.

Experience, rigor, attention to detail, dedicated professionals, equipment and logistics are strengths that are reflected in the work we do.


We ensure the full conditions for the success of your project.

Through a strong network of in-house staff and top freelancers working with our own infrastructure, as well having access to all sort of equipment and facilities, we offer a unique and effective solution for any project. We have managed to maximize our clients resources thanks to our relationship with the best professionals in the sector.

In-house staff and top freelancers

In-house Film Studio (70m2)

In-house Sound Studio

effective cost control

We know all the ropes: local laws, permitting, incentives, crews, facilities, hotels and transportation, equipment rentals

We do the planning and budget management, with strict cost control and daily production reports. Portugal is an excellent choice for your projects. It’s the best value for money in Europe.

Location scouting

Portugal offers a huge variety of landscapes and scenery

From beautiful white sandy beaches, magical mountains and forests, to villages and historic sites, castles and palaces, modern cities, roads and country paths. On the other hand, the country offers, of course, more than 300 days of annual sunshine.

Selection of crews and rental of equipment

Tell us your needs. We’ll find the right crew and equipment to your project. We have professional cameras, lenses, production equipment and studios. Browse our large and ever growing selection of video and audio gear to get started.
Special needs? Talk with us.


Our casting service assure that your project get the model, actor or the new-new face that it needs to bring your vision to life and make your story unique.

Whether you need a professional actor or a street casting, our experienced casting directors will find the right person for your brand.

You can assist live to all the casting sessions, or we will provide links to all of the sessions with coordinated logs to make your viewing experience as easy as possible.

DIT and on-set post-production

Visual Effects, super Slow-Motion, Composition, Motion Graphics and 3D

We offer specialised post-production services such as visual effects, 3D animation, CGI composition, motion graphics, color grading, complete editing, sound design, sound effects, ADR, foley and DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for cinemas worldwide, and TV shows post production.

Story-Boards and Shooting-Boards

Our team of artists can work together with the Director and the DOP, to create the storyboard, or the mood-board for your project. We can draw the story, or even create a preview in 3D, with animatics, with real scenarios (with Augmented Reality). With the help of your team, we can plan in a plant where the cameras and the lighting equipment will be placed. We can create a full document Ready-to-Shoot, with all the crew and actors, equipment, wardrobe, etc., needed scene by scene. It all depends of what you need and want, but we can do it all.

Department of Art, props, wardrobe, food-stylist

We love preparing props and wardrobe. We get you exterior and interior props to set dress the entire set. The wardrobe is extensive, period correct for both men and woman and can easily dress a large cast. We have a full Make-up service, through our team of Make-up Artists who provide detailed notes, character and scene breakdowns and pictures about the characters. They have experience to research and create their own design notes and they are responsible for maintaining the continuity of their Artists “look”. We also deliver the best local Food Stylists, that are used to work in the most demanding jobs and have a full network of specialized suppliers for the best and fresh products to achieve the perfection in the look of the food.

perfect conditions for a successful experience

Our office and studios in Lisbon, are situated in the center of the city, with great hotels to stay at walking distance. In fact, proximity is a plus when time is short.

Lisbon is in the center of Portugal and have all the commodities you can expect from a European capital, with the big advantage that everything is near. Lisbon airport is inside the city and is 10 minutes by metro to the center. Beaches can be accessed in less that 30 min and besides that, we have parks, forest, monuments, museums, and modern architecture buildings, all accessed in the same time range. As we are located in the center of the city, you can expect from us fast responses in all the services you need.




For this and all the reasons we have already mentioned, we want to be your partner and make Portugal your next Production destination.

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