The Cooke Look®️

Now available at Digital Azul

We have available for rent the Cooke SP3 Prime Full-Frame lens series, which represents an evolution of the Cooke Speed ​​Panchro line, one of the most influential lens series in the history of cinema, with a new design optimized optically and mechanically for Mirrorless cameras, such as the FX3, FX9, BURANO or VENICE.

With excellent definition and resolution, the Cooke SP3 maintains intact the legacy of the famous cinematic look achieved by the legendary Speed ​​Panchro lenses together with the trademark dimensionality and contrast performance that renders faces with remarkable skin tone and character, in what became known as «The Cooke Look®️». The SP3s also have specialized cinematic optical coatings that ensure excessive reflections are controlled.

Watch the Cooke SP3 reel here

The SP3 line has focal lengths of 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, with E-Mount installed, representing Cooke’s lightest lenses to date, weighing between 500g/1.10lbs and 690g/1.52lbs, including the lens mount, which allows them to be used in gimbals or drones. Their robust construction and mechanics will also withstand the rigours of fast-paced shooting environments. The small, ergonomic form factor delivers cinematic quality shooting even in tight or hard to reach places. The Cooke SP3 has a dual focus scale, and the focus and iris mechanics are aligned throughout the assembly to allow for quick lens changes while maintaining the motor positions for the focus and diaphragm.

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